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CFS – When others were too busy and/or just didn’t have the means; your insight is a God given and I will carry that with me for my duration here on earth…Our gratitude to you for all you do, for all you are. Thank you… Hamilton Place Residents

I have my own place and I am happy.  I have started my own business and continue building my recovery process with the assistance of my Care Manager and CFS… John B.

My mind wanted me to go back to people, places, and old things but my heart said, No! What helped me was having a mentor named, Meta.  She helped acclimate me to the meeting process and told me it was going to be alright and to give myself a break and take it one day at a time.  I could really relate to her because she was also in recovery.  We didn’t have the same stories, I didn’t even know her story but she made me feel comfortable and she gave me a hope shot.  I said if she could do it, so could I.  Before you knew it, I had my own place and was working and enrolled in Community College.  It didn’t all happen overnight, it was a process that Meta helped me get through…God replaced my income and I was able to stay in college and take care of my son.  I have to give God his credit because he has made a way for me and opened doors that I thought were closed for good.  Meta has taught me the importance of attending meetings.  I now know meeting makers make it in the program.  I have learned the importance of having a sponsor and using that sponsor….  It’s just good to have a more experienced person in my corner that can help me when needed and Meta would be that person.  I am grateful for her wisdom and patience… Dawn M.

My Care Manager impressed me with her discipline but charismatic character, which started building on our relation of mentor to mentee excelled right away.  We were spiritually connected!  She taught me the power of prayer, healthy boundaries, self-esteem and she encouraged coming back from a humiliating relapse.  She gave me hope, lifting me off of what was and encouraged me to reach for the sky.  I’ve obtain a strong foundation one like never before.  I’m truly grateful to be able to receive guidance, motivation, constructive criticism, principles and learning to deal with whatever life throws my way…I’ve gained a great source of hope and strength and would strongly encourage men and women in early stages of recovery to catch on and enjoy the ride.  May God continue to bless them to expand and stand and to continue give back what the bondage of addiction stole from us. Amen!… Deborah P.

The Center for Spirituality in 12 Step Recovery has assisted me in my recovery and I am happy to have them in my life today.  The Center has helped me a whole lot.  I am grateful to have had Hamilton Place and Fresh Start in my life.  I read my bible and go to church and have my own apartment.  It is small, quaint, but it is mine…Keep up the good work… Tom W.

I am currently attending CCAC and am LIVING PROOF that The Center helps those who help themselves… Randii S.

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