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F.L.Y.T. Apartments will be another opportunity for the clients of The Center for Spirituality to continue building their strong foundation in recovery. The clients have been given a strong recovery foundation through a continuum of care in their process from, but not limited to, The Fresh Start program, or Hamilton Place, and F.L.Y.T. Apartments, which will afford the clients another brick laid in their foundation.

Clients/Residents are often underserved when they are ready to obtain their own housing. F.L.Y.T. Apartments attempts to resolve some of the barriers that are presented while looking for housing. All Residents/Clients will have the opportunity to become a resident of F.L.Y.T. Apartments, however, Hamilton Place residents will be given precedence, due to their homeless disposition. Potential Residents/Clients will be identified based on the severity of their need and process of compliance within either program.


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